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Madurai got a unique Landmark called Vishaal de mal which will emerge as a single preferred destination addressing multifarious needs for the entire family. A world-class integrated destination with multiple theme park, cinemas, shops and restaurants Vishaal de Mal is a retail and entertainment complex as part of the temple city.

Vishaal de Mal Madurai's first integrated multi-utility facility that is located at the heart of the city has been promoted by Vishaal promoters PVT.LTD.

Confluence is the essence of Vishaal de Mal a confluence to functionality and aesthetics. Though it looks very compact it houses an 1100 seater multiple and an assortment to meet all needs of customer of all age groups.

Vishaal de Mall is spread over 220000sq.ft. Vishaal de mal represents a unique confluence of shopping malls, Cineplex's, entertainment areas and food court amidst open spaces, lush green and contours over a sprawling space of half a millions square feet of and much more. Vishaal de Mal has seven floors for retail, commercial outlets and entertainment zones. Elaborate seating arrangements have been made in a large expanse of open space. There is parking space for 800 cars: 4 entry and exit points and large spaces to amble around.

Vishaal De Mal

There are several aspects to VISHAAL DE MAL. Its inclusiveness for one. With no boundaries to separate it from the street, it is open to everyone all income and age groups. The architecture of the complex embodies the spirit of Madurai.

VISHAAL DE MAL tries to cater to every segment of society. Branded stores that outlet branded wears, jewellery shops, coffee shops, departmental stores and multiplex theatres reach out to visitors along with pizza hut and their ilk. Heritage, culture and indomitable Madurai spirit are not trampled over by rampant commercialism as a vintage tram; an innetant art wall and an NGO pavilion who showcase products made by the less privileged stake their claim with gentle persuasiveness.

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"Excellent in quality and design. Finishing works to a high standard and completion on time. I would highly recommend Vishaal Promoters."

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